Monday, August 31, 2009

Thoughts just Thoughts

Today was an interesting day. I started to have a break down. So many of my friends are back in school and are all excited or mixed feelings. I can't help, but keep thinking back on my years in highschool. Terrible to think i miss those times, but i truly do. I only wish i could have figured out back then a little more what i may have wanted to do with my life. I think i will be looking into joining the Coast Guard. I have always wanted to do something so badly in the field like that just couldn't figure out which one and I will research and over analize as i always do before i will even sign or jump into that. I have been praying like crazy to see what God says about that idea. I am just frustrated that i am 23 and still stuck in a deadend job and just not knowing where i want to go with my life. I am finally feeling free with the friends i have around me, and thank God for them with out them i know i would be falling. I am still staying strong not fearing the future truly because i know whatever it is God has it written out for me. Work has been killing my shoulders from the stress this is just getting rediculous. Anyways. I will write again later.

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