Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Currently i am sitting at my desk right now just watching all of the employees run around busing themselves with whatever cares they have and whatever they are supposed to be doing. I am so exhausted right now. I am not able to fall asleep at night as quickly as i would like and i am waking up very tired. I am not getting deep enough sleep. I am not sure why. I have checked to make sure my diet is not bad right now and i have been forcing myself to eat better. I just feel so burnt out no matter what it is i do. Even if I got to bed super early i still wake up feeling unrested. If i wake up any time after 7 am i am not as tired for some odd reason. I think my deep sleep patterns are off right now....hard part is my job has me getting to work at 7 am everyday accept Fridays i get to be in at 8 am . I am starting to believe that if i were to be in at 8 am everyday my sleep would be better. Today isn't as bad as yesterday at work plus maybe my attitude about it is a bit different. I am just doing my thing and working through whatever comes my way knowing that the Lord is on my side and there is nothing else i can do... Well it's almost lunch time for me my recess from work WOOOOO WHOOO lol....

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