Tuesday, September 8, 2009


You know that feeling when you have just finished a big project, or got rid of something out of your life that was driving you absolutely nuts? Well i got to have that big amazing feeling this weekend. I got my room painted finally in almost eakk... too long not even going to list the years. I am feeling very exhausted from all the work, and my back is a bit sore. As of now due to one of my dear friends i have a fish in my room. Its a beta but a very pretty one i am not a big fan of betas the only good thing is they are so easy to care for all i have to do is make sure its tank doesn't get too dirty and it gets food. I went to an Angels game last night :) they won!!!! OH ya. Now i am sitting at work about to pass out from lack of sleep. Anyways. good times...

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