Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

The last two days were beautiful it was raining and just looking amazing outside. Last night's sunset was gorgeous. I love the rain and we never get enough of it. Today at work I am sitting here a little bored out of my mind its been kind of busy all week and I got all my work done early again. I tend to fly through my work its nuts. I am still doing wonderfully with my frame of mind. Christ is at the forefront of it and what else could i ask for? I have enjoyed this nice weather as well for the fact that my dad loves to bust out the fireplace :) it makes it all cozy in the living room. I love the fireplace being lit. I tend to imagine myself away in a nice quiet part of the woods living in a log cabin enjoying hot coco and peppermint snapps reading a good book in an over sized chair. Ah the peace that would be there. With the quiet pitter patter of the raindrops on the roof allowing them tranquilize the soul. Nothing better than a good quiet moment to yourself to reminisce over the good times. The occasional crackle of the wood in the fire, and the quiet hiss that flows as the air creeps through the cracks of the logs in the flame. Fire is such and interesting thing to stare at you never see the same movement twice out of it. It flows so freely and yet can be so destructive in so many ways. Its much like our tongue as the Bible says we can use it in so many ways and it can hurt just as fast. Being an encourager is much more satisfying. It can make everyone feel better about who they are. I think we all have that friend we can call that just knows how to make us smile or to make us not feel bad about ourselves... ever checked to see if was you?