Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today at work was very challenging with my boss who has got to be the crazist person i know. One minute it seems like everything is going well and he is relaxed and then there is this time where things get a little busy and he flips out insanely. Its been really difficult to be patient with him, and no matter how many times i remind him he has a good team to back him up he doesn't get it. He makes life so miserable for all of us who work for him, and he wonders why we all don't bend over backwards for him. The man has not taken a vacation in almost 10 years since he started being the manager at this store. One time when he was on his way to go on a cruise he received a phone call from a customer and told his family that work was more important and left them to go on the cruise and he went back to work. Leavin his family i mean come on now....when you go on a vacation you leave your phone off and your work behind you nothing unless the store is burning down is imporant enough to leave your family on a trip.... That to me shows how selfish that some people can be and how money and making money is more important than family to some people. How dare someone leave their family for work... that is just plain rediculous. I am so frustrated with how someone can treat and not trust their crew... the way my boss does.... Anyways that's enough for now... off to read..

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