Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jesse & Amanda's wedding 5/5/13

Had so much fun taking the pictures for my cousin's wedding :-) 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am so lost

I am so confused as to what has happened to the moral of the world. Where did respect go? I just heard from a teacher of mine that the teachers in the public school teach the kids that they can sue their parents for hitting them... and i just can't get over how kids talk to their parents these days. Little kids yelling at their parents and not listening to any of them. The worst thing is going to Target or some place and seeing how many kids run around and just run right in front of you like your not even there. I don't get it...

Work these days is so different from what it used to be. I can't get over how companies and bosses work these days. I know that we all need to piece together and work very hard, but they need to get encouraging and not discouraging. We just got a 10% pay cut which is understandable, but the hardest part of it is that we are all working at least 3 people's jobs. Never seen it this way before and talk about stress load... insane....

But on the up note i think that there is hope for the future i may have found a car to get :) i am kind of excited about that. I am also looking very forward to going to Texas to be with Kristi and her beautiful family for Halloween.., I am glad that I already purchased the tickets to go back there.

I have a new kitten his name is Chip and he's a character in complete. He sleeps on my head sometimes and sleeps on my pillow he's a cutie. I am looking forward to finding a different job so that i can move more forward in my life.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

The last two days were beautiful it was raining and just looking amazing outside. Last night's sunset was gorgeous. I love the rain and we never get enough of it. Today at work I am sitting here a little bored out of my mind its been kind of busy all week and I got all my work done early again. I tend to fly through my work its nuts. I am still doing wonderfully with my frame of mind. Christ is at the forefront of it and what else could i ask for? I have enjoyed this nice weather as well for the fact that my dad loves to bust out the fireplace :) it makes it all cozy in the living room. I love the fireplace being lit. I tend to imagine myself away in a nice quiet part of the woods living in a log cabin enjoying hot coco and peppermint snapps reading a good book in an over sized chair. Ah the peace that would be there. With the quiet pitter patter of the raindrops on the roof allowing them tranquilize the soul. Nothing better than a good quiet moment to yourself to reminisce over the good times. The occasional crackle of the wood in the fire, and the quiet hiss that flows as the air creeps through the cracks of the logs in the flame. Fire is such and interesting thing to stare at you never see the same movement twice out of it. It flows so freely and yet can be so destructive in so many ways. Its much like our tongue as the Bible says we can use it in so many ways and it can hurt just as fast. Being an encourager is much more satisfying. It can make everyone feel better about who they are. I think we all have that friend we can call that just knows how to make us smile or to make us not feel bad about ourselves... ever checked to see if was you?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just writing for fun.

The time seems to be passing at a snails pace and the light on the outside world seems to be getting brighter. Oh for the feel of the great shade of cloud cover, that's the best it always makes me feel happier. I have no clue as to what or why i am writing just writing to pass the time. What i would give to smell that sweet sent of the fresh cut grass and the dew just hanging on the short blades of the gorgeous grass on a slick green. The yellow flag waving in the gentle breeze that signifies the extra challenge of the course. To be on that tee box anticipating the drive, and knowing clearly all the while that once i get up to that tee, into the stance, club in hand, and eyes on the ball i will severely screw it up. The only peace that is offered at that moment is the quiet chirping of the birds. After hitting the ball, chasing after it, all the while wondering who on earth invented such an incredibly strange sport, that so invitingly intoxicates all of us in to that strange world. Continuing on to the next awaited moment to hit that little dimple filled ball straight, and hopefully towards the green in which i will hopefully finish off by a masterful putt into the little round cup. Then slowly i wake up to reality i am not a skilled golfer i just play for fun, and how could i even ever imagine myself becoming something worth talking about. Leave that stuff for the pros. About my 5th hit to the green i begin to laugh at myself, why the crap do i put myself through this inevitable torture? Do i like the inflicted pain of failure? Nah, i think its just the anticipation of that very next "good shot" that just keeps you coming back for more like a drug that you have to have. I giggle softly to myself as i hear the goofy words of "quiet on the galley" ring through my ears i step up to the ball to putt it softly into the hole well not to softly since its about oh, a good 20 ft putt. Slowly it takes off then it begins to roll just a little faster on the downward spiral to the cup it begins to turn just the right amount, and the gorgeous sound emerges as it hits the bottom of the cup with a soft "clap". Nice, why can't i just successfully do that all the time.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I must say that actually being single right now has been nice. I can just freely spend time with whomever i want whenever i want. I am just very tired from doing all that fun. Lol. Tonight will be a nice night though i get to spend it at home just kicking back and relaxing just the way i like it. :) I am looking forward to another trip around the world though i am itching to go some where and i can't quite figure out where right now... ha. As for the Lord I love Him more than anything and I am enjoying the time i get to spend praying and talking to Him through out the day. Sometimes i just get sick of the everyday going to church and being around constant people trying to make it seem like things are all good and happy go lucky. I just need my time sometimes that sounds prideful, but i just get sick of pretending to be good. I am who i am a sinner and i will always have sin in my life. Its how you deal with that sin that makes you who you are. I am happy to say i have some of the greatest friends in my life right now that have been supportive and have been there to encourage me throughout just the struggles within myself. *shout out to Lauren your the greatest love yah* Vacation time again yet??? Man i wish it was... but i get to go to the beach this weekend for my mom's birthday how cool is that gonna be..??? ok peace....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


You know that feeling when you have just finished a big project, or got rid of something out of your life that was driving you absolutely nuts? Well i got to have that big amazing feeling this weekend. I got my room painted finally in almost eakk... too long not even going to list the years. I am feeling very exhausted from all the work, and my back is a bit sore. As of now due to one of my dear friends i have a fish in my room. Its a beta but a very pretty one i am not a big fan of betas the only good thing is they are so easy to care for all i have to do is make sure its tank doesn't get too dirty and it gets food. I went to an Angels game last night :) they won!!!! OH ya. Now i am sitting at work about to pass out from lack of sleep. Anyways. good times...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Thoughts just Thoughts

Today was an interesting day. I started to have a break down. So many of my friends are back in school and are all excited or mixed feelings. I can't help, but keep thinking back on my years in highschool. Terrible to think i miss those times, but i truly do. I only wish i could have figured out back then a little more what i may have wanted to do with my life. I think i will be looking into joining the Coast Guard. I have always wanted to do something so badly in the field like that just couldn't figure out which one and I will research and over analize as i always do before i will even sign or jump into that. I have been praying like crazy to see what God says about that idea. I am just frustrated that i am 23 and still stuck in a deadend job and just not knowing where i want to go with my life. I am finally feeling free with the friends i have around me, and thank God for them with out them i know i would be falling. I am still staying strong not fearing the future truly because i know whatever it is God has it written out for me. Work has been killing my shoulders from the stress this is just getting rediculous. Anyways. I will write again later.