Monday, September 28, 2009

Just writing for fun.

The time seems to be passing at a snails pace and the light on the outside world seems to be getting brighter. Oh for the feel of the great shade of cloud cover, that's the best it always makes me feel happier. I have no clue as to what or why i am writing just writing to pass the time. What i would give to smell that sweet sent of the fresh cut grass and the dew just hanging on the short blades of the gorgeous grass on a slick green. The yellow flag waving in the gentle breeze that signifies the extra challenge of the course. To be on that tee box anticipating the drive, and knowing clearly all the while that once i get up to that tee, into the stance, club in hand, and eyes on the ball i will severely screw it up. The only peace that is offered at that moment is the quiet chirping of the birds. After hitting the ball, chasing after it, all the while wondering who on earth invented such an incredibly strange sport, that so invitingly intoxicates all of us in to that strange world. Continuing on to the next awaited moment to hit that little dimple filled ball straight, and hopefully towards the green in which i will hopefully finish off by a masterful putt into the little round cup. Then slowly i wake up to reality i am not a skilled golfer i just play for fun, and how could i even ever imagine myself becoming something worth talking about. Leave that stuff for the pros. About my 5th hit to the green i begin to laugh at myself, why the crap do i put myself through this inevitable torture? Do i like the inflicted pain of failure? Nah, i think its just the anticipation of that very next "good shot" that just keeps you coming back for more like a drug that you have to have. I giggle softly to myself as i hear the goofy words of "quiet on the galley" ring through my ears i step up to the ball to putt it softly into the hole well not to softly since its about oh, a good 20 ft putt. Slowly it takes off then it begins to roll just a little faster on the downward spiral to the cup it begins to turn just the right amount, and the gorgeous sound emerges as it hits the bottom of the cup with a soft "clap". Nice, why can't i just successfully do that all the time.

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