Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am so lost

I am so confused as to what has happened to the moral of the world. Where did respect go? I just heard from a teacher of mine that the teachers in the public school teach the kids that they can sue their parents for hitting them... and i just can't get over how kids talk to their parents these days. Little kids yelling at their parents and not listening to any of them. The worst thing is going to Target or some place and seeing how many kids run around and just run right in front of you like your not even there. I don't get it...

Work these days is so different from what it used to be. I can't get over how companies and bosses work these days. I know that we all need to piece together and work very hard, but they need to get encouraging and not discouraging. We just got a 10% pay cut which is understandable, but the hardest part of it is that we are all working at least 3 people's jobs. Never seen it this way before and talk about stress load... insane....

But on the up note i think that there is hope for the future i may have found a car to get :) i am kind of excited about that. I am also looking very forward to going to Texas to be with Kristi and her beautiful family for Halloween.., I am glad that I already purchased the tickets to go back there.

I have a new kitten his name is Chip and he's a character in complete. He sleeps on my head sometimes and sleeps on my pillow he's a cutie. I am looking forward to finding a different job so that i can move more forward in my life.

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